Friday, February 5, 2010


today i burned dinner
it's only 3pm
husband asked me to watch it
i forgot
it's good that i have time to re-make it now
only i don't know the recipe
he never uses recipes
that's hard when i have to re-make it
and pretend i didn't

today i am wearing torn jeans and a t-shirt
no makeup
hair a mess
in my oh-so professional office
it's a no-no
but i am doing it anyway

today i was given a bag of mini chocolate candy bars
butter finger, milky way, oh so lovely snickers bar
i forbid myself to eat any
but i did
5 in fact
i feel sick

today i did something awful
i put onion peels down the garbage disposal
the pipes exploded underneath
i was gone so husband cleaned it up
thank you husband
onion peels in the trash (too bad i don't have a compost) from now on

today i am going to pick up my daughter from the bus stop
and then walk uphill
and then run up an entire 4 stories of stairs on a hill
and go back down
and hopefully do it again
to get my exercise for the day
i can't promise anything though

today my son was really funny
saying things like "i'm going to eat you"
"oh no please don't eat me"
"i am going to eat you anyway"
"YU-UM. Gulp."
while he had a sock swallow a belt
a snake eating a mouse
he was saying things
thank you darling child
for saying things

today i am going to a movie with my husband
an actual movie
with my husband
a date
it's about time

is so fine
i am grateful
oh so grateful

now back to not burning dinner


Erin said...

i love this post. maybe it's the simplicity of it, but it made me smile. :) we got a small compost thingy at bed, bath and beyond for like $'s fun and our kitchen smells much better. ;) hope dinner turned out okay.

Bethanne said...

What a many of us feel like that?!

And yea for the date! Love that!

Pasion Family said...

Oh that was the best... Truly loved it! Boy, am I overdue for a date with my hubby

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