Thursday, August 5, 2010

10 days to 10 years {Day 10}

The Wedding Day

Ten years ago today...  WE walked hand in hand into the Washington D.C. Temple to be sealed for all time and eternity.

I still remember the warmth and the whiteness upon our entering.  I wasn't nervous.  I was excited.  I was ready to be his.

As we knelt at the alter exchanging eternal covenants with each other I saw our reflection in the mirrors on both sides of the room.  The mirrors are symbolic to show that what we were committing to do had no end.  Our marriage wasn't until death do us part.  It was forever. 

I loved forever.

There is a part in the ceremony that mentions our purpose together and having children more or less.  Or kind of that you should do something to have children more or less. Procreate is the word more or less.  And the man performing the ceremony got to that part more or less.

And in Rowdy fashion...he laughed. 

There I am....tears in eyes pledging my undying love to this man while holding hands across an alter...and he laughed an embarrassing muffled hush hush I can't believe he said "procreate" in this ceremony kind of laugh. 

I glared. 

I softened.

I smiled. 

I loved this man.

And all his rowdy-ness.

Ten years later.  I still do.

Happy Anniversary, babe.  Here's to 10 forever more.

(I would KILL for gorgeous wedding pictures these days. 
Darn my cheapness in not hiring a real photographer. Like myself. Wanna see more awkward wedding photos? Check out THIS post from our 9-year-er.)

Oh-- and just because I can't leave it all happily ever after without a little spunk...I just HAVE to tell you the "going away on our honeymoon details."


So there we were after the wedding.  Pictures had been taken.  Hugs and goodbyes were said.  And we were getting in the car to go off on our honeymoon to explore (or not explore. wink. wink.) the fabulous and historic Washington D.C.

"Hey wait!" they exclaimed.  "We can't fit Robby (Aaron's 16 year old brother) in our car anymore.  Can you take him back to the hotel?"

Now is it just me... or is there usually a spot left after you leave it there?  I didn't think we did musical chairs on the highway.  Could be fun though now that I think about it.  But back to the issue at hand.

SOMEHOW my new little bro-in-law was left without a ride back to his hotel.  And SOMEHOW we were the obvious ones to get him there.  On the night of our much anticipated ooh-la-la nontheless.  An hour away from our current location.  Which was an hour in the opposite direction of our destination.  In traffic.

Uhm.  Ya.

But what's a girl in love to do?

We waved our goodbyes with Robby shouting farewell in the backseat next to our picnic lunch that my sweet sister-in-law packed for us. 

It wasn't that big of a deal...because there was really only one thing we were thinking of in that moment anyway.

We were starving.

"Hey Robby...could you pass the grapes?"


Annette W. said...

Great story! Thanks for sharing. I also regret my photographer cheapness. We don't have any close ups except one that was taken with a disposable camera at our reception.

Pass the grapes, huh? Hehe

Melinda said...

Hahahahaha! I'll have to tell you OUR post-reception, on the way to ooohlahlah-ness story sometime! It always seems to go something like that!!! What a fun story! I thought yesterday, though, how sad that you can't quite capture the nail-biting, chalkboard-scratching difficulty of moments like those as well when you KNOW the ending is already Happily Ever After!!!! ;-D

Charlotte said...

I've loved catching up on your getting together story. Sounds like you were truly meant to be together.

Erin said...

what a great way to share (with beloved readers/followers) your anniversary! it's amazing how things work out in the end. i remember you telling me about your short engagement when i shared my exciting news of plans for a 5 month engagement. fun to hear the full story and i totally agree...SHORT engagements rock! anyway, happy anniversary to you and aaron! and congratulations. :)

Pasion Family said...

I love it- You are seriously a great writer... Happy Anniversary (yesterday)!

Mary Seals said...

I DID have you as a photographer for my wedding, and you still weren't happy so my guess is that even if you had been the photographer at your own wedding, ten years later you would not be happy! Be happy that you have wedding pictures, they are CUTE.

I loved reading this. Happy Anniversary (a bit late)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I enjoyed all of these awesome 10 days posts. I was married in the DC Temple 6 years ago...I too had a cheap photographer...well I shouldn't say that, he was a friend and he was a photographer and he did it for free. But we got a few lovely ones and that wasn't our focus anyway! :) But I got your point!

(PS - You should swing by for my Family Proclamation Celebration starting in September!)

Kristie said...

cute! and awesome for wrapping up the story with the brotherly love. I was thinking all along how much I would love to see your wedding day through your camera lens, and then I read that you had similar feelings... sad. I was cheap too and had my sister do it, before she turned awesome photographer. I am grateful to her, but would've thanked myself moreso for spending a few hundred and capturing the beauty of a day in my life that I would want to remember forever. Stupid kids, we didn't know anything, we just wanted to get on with it. :)

Susan Anderson said...

Super cute story!


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