Wednesday, May 9, 2012

alien balloon hats and snuggling

A few weeks ago Kai and I went on  a Mommy-Son Date to Pike Place Market in Seattle.  He just about freaked out when I said the word date (because we would have to kiss) so instead I called it an adventure.  We got donuts, paid the balloon man to make an alien hat, and held hands as we darted throughout the throngs of people looking at flowers and all things handmade.  It was fabulous and that one-on-one time was a much needed adventure.

I asked him what he was getting me for Mother's Day?  He told me he knew exactly what I wanted.  Snuggling ALL.DAY.LONG and that he would do it for me.



Amy said...

Mommy-Son Adventure. I love it! Seattle must have the coolest places to get lost in.

Have fun snuggling!

Susan Anderson said...

I'm likin' that hat!


Skip Bruber said...

I like Kai's balloon hat. It's really cool.

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